Whenever you come on holiday in your secondary residence, it is always the same: you spend several days to tidy your garden. Furthermore, you know that a poorly maintained garden is a strong signal for burglars: the way is clear.

To prevent you from having to take immediatly your lawn mower and your hedge trimmer, SYLKA HOME offers to maintain your garden. So when you arrive home, you'll be pleased to enjoy it fully immediately!

Once the frequency of our interventions is determined between you and us, we take care of everything *:

-Lawn mowing

-The rotofil finishes

-hacking the hedges, trees and shrubs (less than 2 m height)

-Weed control

-Collection of leaves

-additions of new plants (up to small shrubs)

-Verification of automatic watering

-Green waste removal

-Cleaning of terraces and pavements with a pressure hose

* Non-exhaustive list.