renovation de villa
monitoring work

You have just purchase your main or secondary residence and you want to do some work? You already own and want to make some renovation work or an expansion?

Yes but you don't know how to monitor your construction, and you're afraid that things might not be made in the rules of art...

Our technical competence is our strenght, so do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or information! From the time you decide to do the work, we can meet in order to understand your project:


* We advise you on the work you want to perform and the methods to be used,

* We estimate the cost of the work.

Thanks to our wide network of tradesmen, we are able to respond to all your request. And if you want to use a tradesman of your knowledge, it is not a problem for us; We will include him in the list of compagnies to which we will ask for a quote. We will then decide together which tradesman is best fit to do the work.

We will then monitoring the construction.